Monday, October 12, 2015

MAGAZINE COVER: Yuan Bo Chao, Gia Tang, Jing Wen, Dylan Xue, Lu Ping Wang & Xiao Wen Ju for Vogue China, November 2015

Models: Yuan Bo Chao (Next), Gia Tang (One), Jing Wen (Supreme), Dylan Xue (Supreme), Lu Ping Wang (Wilhelmina) & Xiao Wen Ju (IMG)
Magazine: Vogue China, November 2015
Photographer: Elaine Constantine
Stylist: Daniela Paudice
Hair: Unknown
Makeup: Unknown

Source: chanelh @ tfs

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FND said...

I think Xiao Wen and Luping looks the most beautiful in this cover.
I love the colors but those clothes I think (with the exception of the one on Xiao Wen) doesnt suit an updo. They're just very presh, girl running down the hill kind of vibe...when you make them all dressed up here, they looked like a performance troupe.