Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Paris Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2015: Wednesday, September 2014

Number of Shows this Season
Bhumika Arora (Elite Paris): 8
Chen Lin (IMG Paris): 3 
Chiharu Okunugi (Women Paris): 14  [Close: 1]
Dylan Xue (Women Paris): 6
Hana Ataka (WM): 1
Hui Hui Ma (Major Paris): 1 
Issa Lish (Premium): 10 
Ji Hye Park (Elite Paris): 16  [Close: 1] 
Ji Young Kwak (Elite Paris): 7
Jing Wen (Women Paris): 9
Kiko Arai (Women Paris): 1
Ling Yue (M Management): 2 
Liu Wen (Elite Paris): 8
Liu Xu (Marilyn Paris): 5
Luping Wang (Oui): 14
Mae Lapres (Marilyn Paris): 2 
Mona Matsuoka (IMG Paris): 6  [Close: 1]
Ming Xi (Elite Paris): 9
Ping Hue Cheung (IMG Paris): 1
Shao Qing (Ford Paris): 1
Sherry Q (Major Paris): 5
Shin Hyun Ji (IMG Paris): 2
Shu Pei (Next Paris): 1
Silvia Wang (Women Paris): 1 
Sissi Hou (IMG Paris): 6
Soo Joo Park (IMG Paris): 4
Sora Choi (Evidence): 1  [Exclusive: 1]
Sun Fei Fei (Elite Paris): 14
Sung Hee Kim (IMG Paris): 7  [Close: 1]
Xiao Wen Ju (IMG Paris): 7
Yue Han (Major Paris): 4
Yue Ning (Marilyn Paris): 6
Yumi Lambert (Women Paris): 7  [Open: 1]
Zhao Jiatong (Major Paris): 2

Model: Sissi Hou (IMG Paris)
Designer: Agnés B

Models: Yue Ning (Marilyn Paris), Shin Hyun Ji (IMG Paris) & Sissi Hou (IMG Paris)
Designer: Allude

Model: Hana Ataka (WM)
Designer: Avelon

Models: Jing Wen (Women Paris), Luping Wang (Oui), Sun Fei Fei (Elite Paris), Xiao Wen Ju (IMG Paris) & Ji Hye Park (Elite Paris)
Designer: Hermès

Models: Mae Lapres (Marilyn Paris), Dylan Xue (Women Paris), Jing Ma (Women Paris) & Sora Choi (Evidence)  EXCLUSIVE
Designer: Louis Vuitton

Model: Sung Hee Kim (IMG Paris) CLOSE
Designer: Masha Ma

Models: Yumi Lambert (Women Paris), Issa Lish (Premium), Mona Matsuoka (IMG Paris) & Jing Wen (Women Paris)
Designer: Miu Miu

Model: Luping Wang (Oui)
Designer: Moncler Gamme Rouge

Models: Chiharu Okunugi (Women Paris) CLOSE,  Ji Hye Park (Elite Paris), Ming Xi (Elite Paris), Mona Matsuoka (IMG Paris), Soo Joo Park (IMG Paris) & Silvia Wang (Women Paris)
Designer: Shiatzy Chen

Model: Liu Xu (Marilyn Paris)
Designer: Rahul Mishra


Anonymous said...

What does it mean by exclusive? Sora Choi is a rookie - how is she exclusive to LV?

Asi Mod said...

Anon, from what I understand, an exclusive means the designer brand & its team want the model to walk only one show during that fashion week event. Most brands like to be credited for discovering "the new girl". Prada is famous for its exclusives and discovering "the new girl."

Luping Wang was an exclusive for Burberry this season at London Fashion Week and she only walked Burberry in London. That created the buzz for her to book a lot of shows in Milan and Paris.

Anonymous said...

AL1 is Shin Hyun Ji.

Asi Mod said...

Thanks, Anon.