Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New York Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2014: Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Number of Shows This Season
Chen Lin (IMG): 1
Chen Yu (Red): 1
Wu Yi Hua (Wilhelmina): 1  [Close: 1]
Ishie Wang (Muse): 2
James (One): 1
Jing Wen (Supreme): 1
Liu Xu (Trump): 1
Ma Hui Hui (One): 1
Sherry Q (One): 1 
So Yeung (Jewels): 1 
Sophie (Americana):1
Sun Ting (Muse): 1
Sun Yichao (Major): 1
Vivien Ong (Major): 1
Wendy (Fenton Moon): 1
Xiu Xiu (One): 1
Yuen Jia (Major): 1 
Yulia Saparniyazova (Women Direct): 1

Model: Chen Yu (Red)
Designer: Ann Yee

Model: Jing Wen (Supreme)
Designer: Frame Denim

Models: So Yeung (Jewel), Vivien Ong (Major) & Yuen Jia (Major)
Designer: Heather Lawton

Model: Chen Lin (IMG)
Designer: Hellessy

Models: Ma Hui Hui (One), Ishie Wang (Muse) & James (One)
Designer: Josie Natori

Model: Wu Yi Hua (Wilhelmina) [Close]
Designer: Lisa Perry

Model: Ishie Wang (Muse)
Designer: Organic by John Patrick

Models: Sherry Q (One), Sun Yichao (Major), Sherry Q (One) & Xiu Xiu (One)
Designer: Tia Cibani

Model: Yulia Saparniyazova (Women Direct)
Designer: TSE

Models: Liu Xu (Trump) & Sun Ting (Muse)
Designer: Veronica Beard


Anonymous said...

AY1: Chen Yu @ Red
LP1: I-Hua @ Wilhelmina
TC1: Sherry Q @ One Management
TC2: Sun Yichao @ Major

The model at Frame Denim is Jing Wen @ Supreme & Ma Hui Hui @ One Management instead of Chen Yu. Thanks for the post AMB!

Asi Mod said...

Thanks, Anon.

Won't be able to do this without your help.

FND said...

Ive a feeling the last girl at Tia Cibani is Chen Lin (IMG).

Anonymous said...

^Nope the last girl at Tia Cibani is Chen Xiaoqiong @ One

FND said...

TC1 - Is actually Sherry Q
The one labeled as Sherry Q = James.