Friday, February 14, 2014

London Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2014: Friday, February 14, 2014

Number of Shows This Season

Gigi Jeon (Next London): 1
Hiromi (Select): 1
Hoang Thuy: 1
Jennifer Koch (M&P): 1  [Close: 1]
Ji Young Kwak (Elite London): 1
Leaf Zhang (Models1): 2
Li Wei (Premier): 1
Polina Protodyakonova (Profile): 1
Ren Hui (Milk): 1 
Shen Yue (Models1): 1  [Close: 1]
Sung Hee Kim (Union): 1
Yifan Wang (Milk): 1
Yue Ning (Select): 1 

Models: Hiromi (Select) & Shen Yue (Models1) Close]
Designer: Amanda Wakeley

Models: Gigi Jeon (Next London), Li Wei (Premier) & Jennifer Koch (M&P) [Close]
Designer: Chris Raeburn

Models: Leaf Zhang (Models1), Ji Young Kwak (Elite London) & Yue Ning (Select)
Designer: Eudon Choi

Model: Leaf Zhang (Models1)
Designer: Felder Felder

Models: Yifan Wang (Milk) & Polina Proto (Profile)
Designer: J JS Lee

Models: Ren Hui (Milk) & Hoang Thuy (Independent)
Designer: Jean-Pierre Braganza

Model: Sung Hee Kim (Union)
Designer: Todd Lynn


Anonymous said...

JS1: Yifan wang @ Milk

I don't think that's Shen Yue at J JS Lee but i don't know who is she.

Anonymous said...

Hello there! I just want to point out that Huyen Trang's name is incorrect, her name is actually Hoang Thuy, and she doesn't have an agency yet.

Anonymous said...

Sekond model to designer J JS Lee - Polina P.

Rafa said...

Huyen Trang is going by Thuy Hoang and is booking independently (which is kind of amazing!)

Asi Mod said...

Thanks for the great info, everyone. You are all awesome.


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