Monday, March 26, 2012

MAGAZINE COVER & EDITORIAL: Liu Wen for New York Times' T Magazine, Spring 2012

Model: Liu Wen (Marilyn)
Editorial: The Liu Wen Express
Magazine: New York Times' T Magazine, Spring 2012
Photographer: Angelo Pennetta
Stylist: Ethel Park
Hair & Makeup: Ozzy Salvatierra (Streeters)

Source: Design Scene


thwany said...

the text to this story was so well written and made me like her even more.

Anton said...

Natural beauty! She's great!

tingting said...

there's a huge difference between mediocre photography and great photographers. But congrats to Liu Wen on massive success!

Anonymous said...

You should feature Xulin Liu - this Chinese model based in London, he made the cover of Financial Times!

FND said...

Love her, love the texts but the styling from waist down is very debatable.

Mongolophile said...

Is there any explanation at all for the fact that only Mid- to South-East Asian models are represented on this site?

AMB said...

Mongophile, it would help if you suggests and posts links to models who you think should be included and preferably, models who are signed with international agencies.