Thursday, February 16, 2012

New York Fashion Week, Fall 2012: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This is by no means a complete list of models and shows at the New York Fashion Week.
The list below will be updated daily until the fashion week is over.

Number of Shows this Season:
Aine (Q): 1
Amanda Yu (Ford): 4
Anna Kanehara (Click): 1
Ashika Pratt (Ford): 4
Charlene Almarvez (Ford): 11 [Open: 1]
Cindy (Red): 1
Dae Na (VNY): 1
David Chiang (Major): 2
Dinara Chetyrova (Muse): 3
Han Hye Yeon (Muse): 2 [Open: 1]
Hao Yunxiang (Wilhelmina): 2
Hyoni Kang (Ford): 3
Irene Kim (VNY): 2
Jae Yoo (Soul Artist): 1
Jay Shin (Wilhelmina): 6 [Open: 1]
Jill Chiu (Request): 3
Jing Ma (Muse): 6
Joe Choi (Red): 2
Kim Koo (Wilhelmina): 1
Lakshmi Menon (Supreme): 1
Lee Hye Jung (Major): 4
Li Ming (Women Direct): 5
Lily Zhi (IMG): 10
Lina Zhang (Fusion): 12
Liu Wen (Marilyn): 18 [Open: 1]
Liu Xu (Trump): 6
Lucy (Red): 2
Mackenzie Hamilton (DNA): 11 [Open: 1]
Ming Xi (Ford): 16
Ninja Singh (Ford): 3
Noma Han (Red): 2
Paolo Roldan (Soul Artist): 2
Patti Zhao (Major): 6
Ping Hue Cheung (DNA): 2
Queenga (Muse): 1
Razia Khan (Fusion): 1
Samantha Xu (Muse): 4
Shanina Shaik (Next): 7 [Open: 1]
Shei (Fenton Moon): 1
Shu Pei (Next): 17
Shu Yang (Q): 1
Sissi Hou (IMG): 10 [Open: 1]
So Young Kang (Marilyn): 10
Soo Joo (Wilhelmina): 3
Sui He (New York): 10
Sung Hee (Wilhelmina): 14
Tao Okamoto (Ford): 5
Teng Teng Kong (1Model): 4
Tian Yi (Fusion): 10
Tomo Kurata (Next): 1
Tsubasa Watanabe (Major): 1
Varsha Thapa (Wilhelmina): 8
Wang Xiao (Wilhelmina): 7 [Close: 1]
Wendy (Fenton Moon): 7 [Close: 1]
Xiao Wen (IMG): 14
Yanzi (AIM): 4
Yijia (DNA): 2
Zhang Xu Chao (Muse): 7
Zhao Lei (Wilhelmina): 4

Models: Liu Wen (Marilyn) & Xiao Wen (IMG)
Designer: Anna Sui

Models: Varsha Thapa (Wilhelmina), Charlene Almarvez (Ford), Wang Xiao (Wilhelmina) & Liu Xu (Trump)
Designer: Bibhu Mohapatra

Models: Yijia (DNA) & Ashika Pratt (Ford)
Designer: Candela

Model: Charlene Almarvez (Ford)
Designer: Corey Lynn Calter

Models: Unknown CM1, Patti Zhao (Major), Unknown CM2, Unknown CM3 & Jay Shin (Wilhelmina)???
Designer: Catherine Malandrino

Models: Unknown DK1 & Wendy (Fenton Moon)??? [Close]
Designer: Daniella Kallmeyer

Model: Razia Khan (Fusion)
Designer: Dean Quinn

Models: So Young Kang (Marilyn), Samantha Xu (Muse) & Sissi Hou (IMG)
Designer: Douglas Hannant

Models: Jing Ma (Muse) & Ashika Pratt (Ford)
Designer: Emerson

Model: Li Ming (Women Direct)
Designer: Fotini

Models: Sung Hee (Wilhelmina), Samantha Xu (Muse) & Unknown H1
Designer: Houghton

Model: Ming Xi (Ford)
Designer: ICB

Model: Shu Pei (Next)
Designer: J Mendel

Models: David Chiang (Major), Paolo Roldan (Soul Artist) & Zhao Lei (Wilhelmina)
Designer: Levi's

Model: Lina Zhang (Fusion)
Designer: Marchesa

Models: Li Ming (Women Direct), Jing Ma (Muse) & Yijia (DNA)
Designer: Mathieu Mirano

Models: Ming Xi (F0rd), Lina Zhang (Fusion), Shu Pei (Next) & Zhao Lei (Wilhelmina)
Designer: Michael Kors

Models: Mackenzie Hamilton (DNA), Charlene Almarvez (Ford), Lily Zhi (IMG), Shanina Shaik (Next) & Tian Yi (Fusion)
Designer: Nanette Lapore

Models: Sui He (New York) & Shu Pei (Next)
Designer: Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti

Model: Lee Hye Jung (Major)
Designer: Ports 1961

Model: Teng Teng Kong (1Model)
Designer: Sachin + Babi

Model: Mackenzie Hamilton (DNA)
Designer: Sophie Theallet

Models: Ashika Pratt (Ford), Jill Chiu (Request), Shu Yang (Q) & Aine (Q)
Designer: Tribune Standard

Model: Charlene Almarvez (Ford)
Designer: Veda

Models: Tian Yi (Fusion) & Jay Shin (Wilhelmina)
Designer: Whitney Eve

Model: Han Hye Yeon (Muse)
Designer: Zang Toi


Anonymous said...

Charlene also walked for "The Blonds"
i think the girl @ Houghton is So Young Kang and not Sung hee :)

Anonymous said...

u ided some of the girls wrong its Liu XU at trump not Sam XU

thwany said...

all the guys from Levi's look great.

FND said...

Hello! Here's what Ive gathered. With some new names to add to your list.

Yesterday's girl JN3 is also Han Hye Yeon

The Patti Zhou @ Behnaz is actually Yanzi @ AIM. She may have also walked previous days but we didnt ID her.

Last girl at Bibhu - Liu Xu, not Samantha Xu

Candela C1 - Yijia (DNA) *NEW ADD*

CM1 - Cindy (Red) *NEW*
CM2 - Shu Yang (Q) *NEW*
CM3 - Teng
Last girl is Jill Chiu, not Jay.

DK1 - Lucy, DK2 - probably not asian.

Douglas Hannant - 2nd girl - Teng, not Samantha Xu

2nd girl at Hougton is Liu Xu.
H1 - Cindy (Red)

First guy @ Levi's is not David Chiang, it's Kazuya @ Boss Models *NEW*

3rd girl @ Mathieu Mirano - Yijia (DNA)

NL1 - Tian Yi

Sachin Babi - not Samantha Xu, but Teng.

TS1 - Jill Chiu
TS2 - Shu Yang @ Q
TS3 - Aine @ Q *NEW*

WE1 - Tian Yi

That said, Teng is gorgeous!

My fave new face will have to be Teng (a little Du Juan-ish) and I think have the potential to move up, & Sissi Hou (upgraded Danni! cheekbone's insane!)

Ashika also looks stunning on the runway. Shanina Shaik is just going from strength to strength.

Mckenzie Hamilton is doing well this season isnt she but she's been around for ages. Finally in the spotlight.

Lina Zhang have officially moved up a notch. She's in the big leagues now. I wish I had seen more of Jay Shin. Her athletic boyish beauty is unique.

Anonymous said...

Why is Sun Fei Fei nowhere to be found?

rj said...

charlene is having a great season. it's her best so far, i guess. and I adore wang xiao. kinda miss fei fei sun this season though.

Anonymous said...

Charlene walked for 13 shows!

Corey Lynn Calter
Costello Tagliapietra
Kimberly Orvitz
Mara Hoffman
Miguel Adrover
Geoffrey Mac
Katya Leonovich
A Detacher - (O)
Bibhu Mohapatra
Nanette Lepore
The Blonds

AMB said...

Thanks, FND for all your help!

According the TFS, Fei Fei had visa issues so was not able to make it to NY for the show. Hopefully, we will see her in London, Milan & Paris.

Lina Zhang is definitely the breakthrough star of the season.