Saturday, January 7, 2012

EDITORIAL: Gwen Lu in Vogue Nippon, February 2012

Model: Gwen Lu (Major)
Editorial: Outside of Fashion
Magazine: Vogue Nippon, February 2012
Photographer: Kei Ogata
Stylist: Satoshi Hirota
Hair: Kanada (Image)
Makeup: Yuka Washizu (Signo)

Source: visualoptimism @ tfs


thwany said...

This seems like an Audi advertorial. I like her look with long hair though.

eminence grise said...

i thought it WAS an ad. she will always look good but i don't like the multiplied effect..

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking after the last Gwen Lu post how much I'd like to see what she would look like with long hair for a change.

She looks much better IMO.

sherinyc said...

I agree with eminence! May have been cooler just to see different models sporting different looks than the same girl.

FND said...

Glad to see Gwen popping up in places.