Saturday, December 31, 2011

MAGAZINE COVER & EDITORIAL: Shu Pei for (China) SHC Magazine, Winter 2011

Model: Shu Pei (Next)
Editorial: A Girl From Shanghai
Magazine: (China) SHC Magazine, Winter 2011
Photographer: Xiang Sun
Stylist: Eric Young
Hair: Unknown
Makeup: Unknown

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue


thwany said...

the sweaters in the first few few photos all look so comfy.

Shunichiro said...

Crisp, no-nonsense photography brings forth Shu Pei's lovely features. Contemplating mood throughout the editorial. A great launch for a new magazine!

Oh, Happy New Year everybody!

eminence grise said...

lols thwany, i thought i was crazy for my first thought "wow, that sweater looks comfy!" (gray sweater with fur trimmings)

Anonymous said...

soo beautiful !

Anonymous said...

Xin Nian Kuai Le!
Xiexie all!
jincai this place!great work!

Anonymous said...

Shu Pei doesn't always look good in every editorial but this one is very beautiful. Quiet and serene. I like it a lot. Hopefully she'll get some major campaign this year.

Anonymous said...

Love this! Beautiful! There's a budding Asian model who came out recently on Elle Magazine (Indonesia) for their Jan 2012 issue. Check her out! The fashion spread is black and white! So cool! Her name is Merille Raagas I think.