Friday, November 18, 2011

MAGAZINE COVERS: Charlene Almarvez & Brent Chua for (Philippines) Zone Magazine #2, November/December 2011

Model: Charlene Almarvez (Ford) & Brent Chua (Ford)
Magazine Cover: (Philippines) Zone Magazine #2, November/December 2011
Photographer: Alexandro Valerio (Charlene's Cover) & You Bin (Brent's Cover)
Stylist: Jacinto Onofre (Charlene) & Amy Conte (Brent)
Hair: Mayumi Maeda (Charlene)
Makeup: Aya Fukuda (Charlene)
Grooming: Yelena Tsygankova (Brent)



Anonymous said...

Charlene looks stunning!! they both look devilish

Modello said...

amazing layouts. both brent chua and charlene are my fav filipino exports!

nikita said...

I think Brent Chua is one of the most interesting asian male models around. He transforms in front of the camera. I saw him once and he has a boyish looks and yet his pictures are sooo artistic and dark. I love his emotions. KUDOS!

New Model Arny said...

I <3 BRENT CHUA! he has a beautiful soul! his interviews are so in depth and you can just feel that he is so true to himself. I wish him continued success in everything he does!