Thursday, December 1, 2011

EDITORIAL: Tao Okamoto in Numéro China, December 2011

Model: Tao Okamoto (Ford)
Editorial: Unknown
Magazine: Numéro China, December 2011
Photographer: John-Paul Pietrus
Fashion Editor: Tim Lim
Hair: Parco Cheung
Makeup: Yooyo/Keong Ming @ Andy Creation

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue


thwany said...

she looks great!

Shunichiro said...

I have said this before but I say it again; Tao can be everything she wants or is wanted to be in front of camera, her ability to change is uncanny. Like in this editorial, subtly donning characteristics of animals featured in clothing and backdrops.

Anonymous said...

tao is sooooooooooo

Anonymous said...

i loved the lighting, her facial expressions and the styling for the location

Yoli said...