Saturday, November 12, 2011

EDITORIAL: Sui He in Vogue Japan, December 2011

Model: Sui He (New York)
Editorial: The Will To Be Strong
Magazine: Vogue Japan, December 2011
Photographer: Terry Richardson
Stylist: George Cortina
Hair: Bob Recine
Makeup: Frank Boyd (The Wall)
Manicure: Alicia Torello (The Wall)



thwany said...

this look great---love the styling as well.

Anonymous said...

why is that we hardly ever see asian models on the cover of Vogue Japan? If i'm not mistaken, this is not a cover but a supplementary booklet type of thing, right? Not saying they don't ever use asian models but on the cover(which is a big deal), you hardly ever see asian's mostly caucasian models on the cover! Is it because Anna Dello Russo calls all the shot even though she's not the editor in chief(or is she?).
Can you imagine western editions of Vogue(such as Vogue Italia, French vogue, or american vogue) predominantly using asian models? I DON"T THINK SO.
VERY SAD. HOW COME THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE? WHY ARE THE JAPANESE READERS NOT bringing this topic up? why do caucasian models feature so dominantly on vogue japan(compared to their asian counterparts)? Not beautiful enough?

Anonymous said...

her poses are a bit repetitive

Anonymous said...

then why can't the us vogue only have asian cover models?
i might even buy it then....
but i think you are on to something here!

Anonymous said...

The japanese are more into the concept of western beauty and their consumers would rather see white faces for especially for foreign brands. Look at shiseido. They have almost always used white models for their campaigns. Contrast that with Korea and China where they like to promote their own kind and Korea takes it one step further by using mostly Koreans in their eds and covers.

FND said...

This screams Robert Palmer circa Addicted to Love & Simply Irresistible. She looks hot. She is that girl, if properly manage, can have a commercial and a high fashion career. I think she will be quite popular because her asian looks are not exactly what you typically label oriental so she can stand on her own. I only find that she can be a bit too intense when staring into the camera sometimes but that's not actually a bad quality.