Tuesday, November 15, 2011

EDITORIAL: Hyoni Kang in (Canadian) Flaire Magazine, December 2011

Model: Hyoni Kang
Editorial: Glacial Glamour
Magazine: (Canadian) Flare, December 2011
Photographer: Chris Nicholls
Fashion Editor: Elizabeth Cabral
Hair & makeup: Simone Otis

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue


Anonymous said...

Fierce !!!!!!!!!!!

thwany said...

i love the background and the horse as well.

Anonymous said...

can't get enough of Hyoni <3
btw love the styling!

Shunichiro said...

"Snowy River: The Hyoni saga"! Sorry, I got a bit carried away, the imaginary reminds of that Australian TV series from 90's, only this takes it to extreme with sleek Hyoni, some striking styling, gorgeous landscapes and the white, poetic horse. The fifth picture, the one with red dress underneath... I can imagine six-shooter on her hip!


FND said...

Im having a really huge fashion crush on Hyoni right now. I think she is one of the girls that have gotten really fantastic over the years.