Thursday, November 24, 2011

EDITORIAL: Bonnie Chen in (German) Tush Magazine #25, Fall 2011

Model: Bonnie Chen (Next)
Editorial: Angel of Gloom
Magazine: (German) Tush Magazine #25, Fall 2011
Photographer: Kai Z. Feng
Fashion Director: Fredrik Stambro
Stylist: Marcell Rocha (Workgroup Ltd)
Hair: Benoit Moeyaert (SDSH NYC)
Makeup: Fredrik Stambro (L'Atelier NYC)
Manicure: Sofia Shusterov (Judy Casey)

Source: Noir Facade


Anonymous said...

Something is not doing it for me. Each image couldve been more "gloomy"? Im not sure its angel of gloom maybe more long length shots and movement might help the story

FND said...

Bonnie's lips is gorgeous!