Monday, October 24, 2011

EDITORIAL: Shu Pei in (Singapore) NuYou, October 2011

Model: Shu Pei (Next)
Editorial: Elfin Moves
Magazine: (Singapore) NuYou, October 2011
Photographer: Wee Khim
Stylist: Johnny Khoo
Hair: Dexter Ng
Makeup: Cindy Goh

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue


Girlie Blogger said...

Such a perfect face.

Shunichiro said...

Oh, Shu Pei is so adorable here. Cute little alien (love her "spaceship pilot cap" :), dropped from her mothership to the face of earth. I also like the natural light on location here. You really can't replicate it in the studio, the mix of delicacy and harshness it creates. I liked the editorial so much when I first saw it that I drew my take of it to my blog!

Linh said...

the last pictures are epic!

Ennie said...

Shu Pei is great! The editorial seems a little disjointed though, looks more like pictures taken from a whole bunch of different spreads as opposed to the same one.