Wednesday, October 5, 2011

EDITORIAL: Daniel Liu in Brooks Brothers Catalog, Fall 2011

Model: Daniel Liu (Ford)
Editorial: Modern Suiting
Magazine: Brooks Brothers Catalog, Fall 2011
Photographer: Unknown
Stylist: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Makeup: Carlo Longo

Source: Brooks Brothers


thwany said...

handsome guy.

Anonymous said...

r u sure he is still with ford?

j.j said...


eminence grise said...

aw.. he looks great! brooks brothers was waiting for a guy like him to come along. he has the build to fill out the suit nicely, a big pearly smile and some super coif.

LocalCeleb said...

Very dapper and handsome gentleman

Anonymous said...

so handsome;chiseled jaw line and lips.

FND said...

what? fully covered? I want my Daniel Liu in as less clothes as possible! Hehe.

He should be a bigger model!

Oh and I heard he is freelancing on his own now, no longer with Ford.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Respect to Brooks Brothers for sticking an Asian guy in there. I want to see more Asian male models in mainstream fashion brands, a la that Korean guy with American Eagle last season.

Anonymous said...

*gasp* so handsome.