Saturday, September 10, 2011

New York Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2012: Saturday, September 10, 2011

This is NOT a complete list of models and shows from the NYFW. It is being continuously updated every day. All information are gathered from,,,,, and tFs.

Number of Shows this Season:
Aissa Zhou (Red): 1
Bonnie Chen (Next): 2
Charlene Almarvez (Ford): 1
Danica Maypantay (Ford): 1
Danni Li (Elite): 4
Dinara Chetyrova (Muse): 4
Francis Lane (Root): 1
Hye Seung (IMG): 2
Hyoni Kang (Ford): 3
Irene (VNY): 1
Jay Shin (Wilhelmina): 6
Jia Jing (New York): 1
Jing (Wilhelmina): 2
Jing Ma (Muse): 1
Lee Hye Jung (Major): 1
Li Ming (Women Direct): 3
Lily Zhi (IMG): 5
Lina Zhang (Fusion): 6
Liu Wen (Marilyn): 6
Lucy (Red): 1
Ming Xi (Ford): 5
Ping Hue Cheung (DNA): 1
Samantha Xu (Muse): 4
Sangil Kim (Major): 1
Sen Mitsuji (Ford): 1
Shu Pei (Next): 4
Sui He (New York): 2
Sun Fei Fei (Women): 5 [Open: 1]
Tian Yi (Fusion): 3
Vanessa Lee (Muse): 1
Varsha Thapa (Wilhelmina): 4
Wang Xiao (Wilhelmina): 7
Xiao Wen (IMG): 5
Zhang Xue (New York): 1

Models: Shu Pei (Next) & Xiao Wen (IMG)
Designer: ADAM

Models: Sun Fei Fei (Women) & Liu Wen (Marilyn)
Designer: Alexander Wang

Models: Hyoni Kang (Ford) & Lina Zhang (Fusion)
Designer: Band of Outsiders

Models: Wang Xiao (Wilhelmina) & Jay Shin (Wilhelimina)
Designer: Charlotte Ronson

Models: Jing Ma (Muse) & Li Ming (Women Direct)
Designer: Christian Siriano

Models: Lucy (Red), Vanessa Lee (Muse) & Samantha Xu (Muse)
Designer: Gregory Parkinson

Models: Lina Zhang (Fusion), Tian Yi (Fusion) & Jay Shin (Wilhelmina)
Designer: Helmut Lang

Model: Xiao Wen (IMG)
Designer: Jill Stuart

Models: Aissa Zhou (Red), Samantha Xu (Muse) & Charlene Almarvez (Ford)
Designer: Joy Cioci

Model: Sun Fei Fei (Women)
Designer: Lacoste

Model: Ming Xi (Ford)
Designer: Monique Lhuillier

Models: Ming Xi (Ford), Liu Wen (Marilyn), Shu Pei (Next), Sui He (New York) & Varsha Thapa (Wilhelmina)
Designer: Prabal Gurung

Models: Irene (VNY), Jing (Wilhelmina) & Li Ming (Women Direct)
Designers: Project Runway

Model: Danni Li (Elite)
Designer: Ruffian

Models: Dinara Chetyrova (Muse), Lily Zhi (IMG) & Tian Yi (Fusion)
Designer: Sally LaPointe

Models: Ping Hue Cheung (DNA), Lee Hye Jung (Major), Bonnie Chen (Next) & Varsha Thapa (Wilhelmina)
Designer: St. John

Models: Danni Li (Elite), Lina Zhang (Fusion), Bonnie Chen (Next) & Unknown
Designer: Vivienne Tam

Model: Ming Xi (Ford)
Designer: VPL


FND said...

gregory parkinson
Samantha Xu
not asian
lucy (Red)
Vanessa Lee (muse)

Vivienne Tam
Unknown 1 - Lina Zhang

AMB said...

Thanks,FND! You are amazing!

FND said...

Joy Cioci
Aissa (Red), Samantha Xu (Muse) + Charlene (Ford)

First girl is not Jay Shin, looks more like Jing Ma but not sure.

Sally LP
Dinara, Lily Zhi and dunno who.

Anonymous said...

Sally Lapointe
Unknown1- Dinara Chetyrova
Unknown2- Lily Zhi

Anonymous said...

the first one from project runway is not jay it's Irene from VNY!

Anonymous said...

Theres a girl that did Prabal, Varsha. She's from Nepal.

FND said...

Girl #3 at Sally La Pointe is Tian Yi.