Tuesday, July 5, 2011

EDITORIAL: Wang Xiao, Xiao Wen & Rila Fukushima in V Magazine #72, Fall Preview 2011

Models: Wang Xiao (Wilhelmina), Xiao Wen (IMG) & Rila Fukushima (Trump)
Editorial: Baby Love
Magazine: V Magazine #72, Fall Preview 2011
Photographer: Josh Olins
Stylist: Jay Massacret
Hair: Shon Sanks
Makeup: Maki Ryoke

Source: Models.com


Shunichiro said...

I see certain charm in this editorial in all its retro coating, but still detest the western idiosyncrasy of styling Asians to look alike, as if all Asian women looked alike, while they don't look alike! Just look at there, behind all that styling and make-up, there are three very distinctive looking girls. Harumph... Well, it's V magazine... ><


Tyler said...

I didn't see it as a racial stereotyping of girls being made to look the same because they were Asian, I thought from the microphone photo it was fairly obvious they were meant to display the aesthetic of 1960's girlbands, which often were styled in variations of the same theme, such as the Ronettes or Martha and the Vandellas. I mean, the piece is called 'Baby Love,' a Diana Ross and the Supremes song.

wei chun said...

if i were styling three caucasian girls in this motown-inspired spread, i would also make them all look the same... that's how the girl groups look like then (even now). it's not 'western idiosyncrasy'.

HumanAdult said...

I love.

Anonymous said...

beautiful and lovely woman!
great style!
Mei Li!
Xiexie ni!

eminence grise said...

three very different faces. so interesting. i love wang xiao, always.

Sabbotage said...

Love this editorial. Very cool, very inspired, love the models. And the styling.

fshnvctm said...

Love the whole 60s vibe of this editorial. Beautiful women.

Anonymous said...


Agree with Shunichiro, in European and American magazine Asian girls always are painted with eye makeup that tries so hard to hide the crease and emphasize the "slanty" outer corner of the eye.