Thursday, June 9, 2011

EDITORIAL: Emma Pei in Harper's Bazaar Spain, May 2011

Model: Emma Pei (IMG)
Editorial: Unknown
Magazine: Harper's Bazaar Spain, May 2011??
Photographer: Ronald James
Stylist: Unknown
Makeup: Zhao Jun
Hair: Yun Xiang

Source: shunichiro @ tfs


Nadia said...

Lovin everything about this! Poses, model, h+m clothing and setting- YES!

JUURI said...

Yeah! I'm excited to see a whole new photoset of my favorite girl of all time~ XD

Linh said...

Emma Pei is so beautiful!

Graeme said...

Awesome shots!

thwany said...

those windows are beautiful.

有力 said...

Stunning, absolutely stunning.

FND said...

So glad to see something new by Emma. She's looking gorgeous!

Carla said...

She's beautiful !