Saturday, June 18, 2011

EDITORIAL: David Chiang, Jae Yoo, Jemy Dayrit, Noma Han, Seijo Imazaki, Tet Wada & Time Charoenthaitawee in The Fashionisto, May 2011

Models (top to bottom): Jae Yoo (Soul), David Chiang (Major), Noma Han (Red), Seijo Imazaki (Soul), Time Charoenthaitawee (Q), Ted Wada (??) & Jemy Dayrit (Q)
Editorial: One Step Closer
Magazine: The Fashionisto, May 2011
Photographer: Chiun-Kai Shih
Fashion Editor: Stefan Wiklund
Grooming: Leah De Ment and Tanya Camburn

Source: The Fashionisto


Anonymous said...

jeimy dayrit is just sooo hot

eminence grise said...

too many good looking asian men in one ed! lols (although there was that one guy who didnt look asian at all!) said...

I love all the shots!