Tuesday, April 26, 2011

EDITORIAL: Xiao Wen & Lili Ji in Vogue China, April 2011

For some reason, I am totally in love with this editorial but what it is, I don't know!
Is it the styling? Is it the photography? Is it the energy of the girls?
Simply awesome is all I can say.

Models: Xiao Wen (IMG) & Lili Ji (One Model)
Editorial: Long & Lean
Magazine: Vogue China, April 2011
Photographer: Terry Gates
Stylist: Guo Yi
Hair: Unknown
Makeup: Xu Quan??

Source: Scanned by 212 @ modernparty.cn via fadedcolours @ tfs


FND said...

These two looks great in pictures! Much better than how they look on the runway. Especially Lily.

I like how the styling soften's Lily's super angular jawline and makes Xiao Wen looks less child like. I give Xiao Wen's a few more season to be more intense.

And Lily's really working them garments! I especially love how the skirts are fluttering around her legs in pic #1

Anonymous said...

i love their long and lean bodies, makes the clothes look really good

Anonymous said...


really good ed by miao si bin for hatwoman

Yoli said...

Both are beautiful.