Thursday, April 7, 2011

EDITORIAL: Noma Han in Youth & Freedom Magazine #1, Spring 2011

Model: Noma Han (Red) & Paul Boche (Fusion) Evan Santoro (Red)
Editorial: It's A Good Start
Magazine: Youth & Freedom Magazine #1, Spring 2011
Photographer: Richard Pier Petit
Stylist: Unknown
Hair: Linh Nguyen
Makeup: Christina Kay



bibi said...

the first picture is nice:)

Anonymous said...

wait a minute, I checked Paul Boche' TFS thread,and I'm sure the white model from the first photo is not Paul,the credit of this project as follows,however this gorgeous guy's not listed:A Change of Many Forms–Richard Pier Petit photographs Abiah Hostvedt, Evan Santoro, Frey Mudd, Noma Han (Red), Andre Condit, Asa Fox (Ford), Mark Westinghouse (New York Model Management), Paul Boche (Fusion), Joseph Rossomando and Ryan Bertroche (Request) for the debut of online zine Youth & Freedom. Shooting the boys in a charity AIDS tee from Maison Martin Margiela, Petit gets assistance from model turned aspiring photographer Mark Westinghouse. / Hair by Linh Nguyen with makeup by Christyna Kay.

Unknown said...

he's Evan Santoro

Asi Mod said...

Thanks for the correction.

Rissa said...

cute <3