Saturday, March 26, 2011

EDITORIAL: Zhang Xu Chao for Harper's Bazaar Singapore, March 2011

Models: Zhang Xu Chao (Muse) & Lauren Brown (Priscillas)
Editorial: Harper's Bazaar Fashion
Magazine: Harper's Bazaar Singapore, March 2011
Photographer: Simon Upton
Stylist: Kenneth Goh
Hair: Marc Teng
Makeup: Cindy Goh
Manicurist: May Chong

Source: United Management London


eminence grise said...

i could not believe this was zhang. i looked back at all her other eds and they are without exaggeration, amazing. this one however, does a disservice to her beauty. the lighting causes her face to look bloated and her eyes are lost..w

Anonymous said...

Lacking in energy but beautiful setting!! I love the one on the bus with all the kids

FND++ said...

Very chic.

Sonic said...

again with the native kids? man, the themes for these editorials are so cliched and racist.

but zhang does look damn good

thwany said...

man, that fugly hair is just so distracting.