Wednesday, March 23, 2011

EDITORIAL: Sun Fei Fei in Vogue China, March 2011

Model: Sun Fei Fei (Women)
Editorial: Color Kaleidoscope
Magazine: Vogue China, March 2011
Photographer: Raymond Meier
Stylist: Tiina Laakkonen
Makeup: Makky
Hair: Duffy
Casting Director: Jenny Friedberg
Manicurist: Jin Soon Choi
Source: Scanned by Aja Mok


Anonymous said...

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Image Consultant said...

Model Sun Fei Fei has done a good job. Wish to see more of her work on American and Chinese covers.

johnu said...

I really like your blog ! But I have to ask ( sorry if this had asked before ) where do you get all these pictures ?:)

Nadia said...

Her lips look amazing!

Anonymous said...

she's gorgeous....though, i'd like to see her do more edgy opposed to the usual cutesy-pretty editorials. she has the face for it. she can look sexy in a way that other east asian models can't.she has all the features for it(the pillow lips sharp nose, and in general, just the perfect features lining up in her favor).

shmoops said...

fei fei <3

Anonymous said...

sun fei has this really cool face that can do those 1920's flapper images. has she done any of those? anyways, i love hte last image. epic

Anonymous said...

She looks terrific ! Love pic#3 !
She is giving supermodel fierceness !
And thanks for the Hi-Res quality.. It looks great on my desktop.

Sabbotage said...

Just found your blog today, and have added to my RSS reader! Love it, thanks so much. It's great to have a resource for Asian Models (who are the win btw)