Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New York Fashion Week, Fall 2011/Winter 2012: Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is NOT a complete list of models and shows from the NYFW. It is being continuously updated every day. All information are gathered from,,,,, and tFs.

Number of Shows this Season:
Aliza Jungutdinova (Women Direct): 1
Bonnie Chen (Next): 6 [Close: 1]
Charlene Almarvez (Ford): 4
Coco Kazue (One): 3
Daisuke Ueda (New York): 1
Danica Magpantay (Ford): 4
David Chiang (Major): 3
Eugenia Mandzhieva (Trump): 6
Gwen Lu (Major): 4
Huang Xiao Meng (Major): 6
Hyoni Kang (Ford): 7 [Open: 1]
Hyun Yi Lee (Silent): 4
Jae Yoo (Major): 2
Jerry Fu (Major): 1
Jia Jing (New York): 8
Jiang Xiao Yi (Silent): 3
Jill Chiu (Request): 3
Jing Ma (Muse): 7
Kim Koo (Muse): 2
Lela Wang (Wilhelmina): 5
Li Ming (Women Direct): 6 [Open: 1]
Lily Zhi (IMG): 9
Ling Tan (IMG): 1
Liu Wen (Marilyn): 12
Lucy (Trump): 1
Ming Xi (Ford): 12
Noma Han (Red): 1
Paolo Roldan (Boss): 1 [Close: 1]
Philip Huang (DNA): 1
Ping Hue Cheung (DNA): 4
Sang Il (Major): 1
Shu Pei (Next): 8
So Young Kang (Marilyn): 10 [Close: 1]
Sonny Zhou (IMG): 2
Soyyora Saydiganieva (Women Direct): 1
Sui He (New York): 6 [Open: 1, Close: 1]
Sun FeiFei (Women): 13 [Open: 1]
Tao Okamoto (Ford): 10 [Open: 1]
Wang Xiao (Wilhelmina): 6
Xiao Wen (IMG): 7
Yeon (Muse): 1
Zhao Lei (Wilhelmina): 3
Zhu Lin (IMG): 2

Models: Jill Chiu (Request) & Charlene Almarvez (Ford)
Designer: Alice Ritter

Model: Bonnie Chen (Next)
Designer: Badgley Mischka

Model: Gwen Lu (Major)
Designer: Barbara Tfank

Model: Hyoni Kang (Ford)
Designer: Betsy Johnson

Model: Jae Yoo (Major)
Designer: Calvin Klein

Models: So Young Kang (Marilyn) & Hyun Yi Lee (Silent)
Designer: Carmen Marc Valvo

Models: Eugenia Mandzhieva (Trump), Sonny Zhou (IMG) & Jiang Xiao Yi (Silent)
Designer: Chado Ralph Rucci

Model: Coco Kazue (One) & Huang Xiao Meng (Major)
Designer: Chris Benz

Models: Jia Jing (New York) & Lela Wang (Wilhelmina)
Designer: Dennis Basso

Models: David Chiang (Major) & Shu Pei (Next)
Designer: Diesel Black Gold

Models: Gwen Lu (Major) & Lucy (Trump)
Designer: Guishem

Models: Ming Xi (Ford) & Xiao Wen (IMG)
Designer: Honor

Models: Bonnie Chen (Next) [Close] & Hyun Yi Lee (Silent)
Designer: Kevork Kiledjian

Model: Zhao Lei (Wilhelmina)
Designer: Loden Dagger

Models: Shu Pei (Next), Sun FeiFei (Women) & So Young Kang (Marilyn)
Designer: Marc Jacobs

Model: Zhao Lei (Wilhelmina)
Designer: Patrick Ervell

Models: Lily Zhi (IMG), So Young Kang (Marilyn), Ping Hue Cheung (DNA) & Lela Wang (Wilhelmina)
Designer: Rachel Roy

Models: David Chiang (Major), Jerry Fu (Major) & Unknown
Designer: RAD by Rad Hourani

Models: Liu Wen (Marilyn) & Sun FeiFei (Women)
Designer: Rodarte

Models: Eugenia Mandzhieva (Trump), Zhu Lin (IMG) & Bonnie Chen (Next)
Designer: Sally LaPointe

Model: Zhao Lei (Wilhelmina)
Designer: Simon Spurr

Model: Hyoni Kang (Ford)
Designer: The Row

Models: Gwen Lu (Major), Lily Zhi (IMG), Sonny Zhou (IMG) & Xiao Wen (IMG)
Designer: Toni Francesc

Models: Unknown 1, Unknown 2 & Eugenia Mandzhieva (Trump)
Designer: TRIAS

Models: Ming Xi (Ford) & Shu Pei (Next)
Designer: Vera Wang

Model: Charlene Almarvez (Ford)
Designer: Yeohlee

Model: Ling Tan (IMG)
Designer: Zang Toi


Anonymous said...


jenny packham f/w 11
Yeohlee F/W 11 Runway Show
hexa by kuno F/W 11
norman ambrose f/w 11

see this.

danica magpantay was also at norman ambrose

thanks asi mod!

Anonymous said...

where's du juan? :(
has she been overexposed already?

Anonymous said...

the girl in diesel is shu pei qin

Anonymous said...

yah, wheres du juan? we miss her so much.

xiao said...

love that zang toi casted ling tan!

thwany said...

wow, really loving jae's blue suit at calvin klein.

Anonymous said...

Hyun Yi Lee Walked for Pamela Rolland and Tibi. :)

Anonymous said...

Noma Han(RED) was at some men's show;Gilded Age, Tim Hamilton, Buckler by Andrew Buckler, General Idea and Odyn Vovk.

Anonymous said...

uknown 1 at TRIAS is Aliza Jungutdinova
unknown 2 -Soyyora Saydiganieva
all russian asian girls at TRIAS :)

Jay said...

1st girl at Chris Benz is not Coco Kazue

1st girl at Dennis Bassio is Bonnie Chen :)

Angry Little Speck said...

I haven't really been a fan of Gwen Lu, but I'm liking her more this season...

And if Du Juan isn't around, I hope it's only by choice on her part... Du Juan suddenly MIA, but Ming Xi everywhere? MEH