Monday, February 28, 2011

EDITORIAL: Gwen Lu in (Malaysia) Glam Magazine, March 2011

This is Part I (re-edited) of a 22-page story in (Malaysia) Glam Magazine, March 2011.

Model: Gwen Lu (Major)
Editorial: Spring '11
Magazine: (Malaysia) Glam Magazine, March 2011
Photographer: Bustaman Mokhtar
Stylist: Cheah Wei Chun
Hair: Olivia Ooi
Makeup: Sheng Saw



Linh said...

I like her view.

Anonymous said...

i like you taste of fashion... so cute... check out mine too mmmkay???!!


fashionpart said...

Beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

she looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

what gets me is that why do se asian magazines predominantly feature so many east asians?

Anonymous said...

Wo ai ni!
Gwen Lu is so stunning!
siply mei li!
Xiexie ni!
<3 Lu

Anonymous said...

well, gwen is chinese born malaysian. she is beautiful and anyone can showcase her!

Yoli said...

She is stunning and the clothes are devine. Those boots and that white dress with the cut outs are gorgeous.