Monday, January 24, 2011

So Young Kang, Hyoni Kang, Tao Okamoto, Sun FeiFei and Ming Xi in Editorial for US Vogue, February 2011

Bravo, Anna for including so many Asian girls, as well as new faces, in this issue of US Vogue. Keep up the good work.

Models: (left to right) So Young Kang (Marilyn), Hyoni Kang (Ford), Tao Okamoto (Ford), Sun FeiFei (Women) & Ming Xi (Ford)
Editorial: Gangs of New York
Magazine: US Vogue, February 2011
Photographer: Mario Testino
Stylist: Grace Coddington
Hair: Orlando Pita
Makeup: Linda Cantello

Source: via Rosalinde @ tfs


tsuki said...

I bought this issue at the airport yesterday, and it was great to see so many Asian models!

Joanne Angelina said...

Amazing and inspiring as always.
Take care!

Anonymous said...

why is it gangs of new york?? cool to see such neutral make up. i know kang is a popular last name but so young kinda looks like hyoni no? sisters???

Anonymous said...

have the mg
i dont like how this spread had the models grouped by race

randy said...

I heard that the philippines won the supermodel of the world 2011. i hope u can post some pics, i would like to see her. they said that she killed the competion with her unique egdy look!

FND++ said...

Gangs of New York was a spread about New York designers. These girls are wearing Proenza Schouler. There are other designers in that spread as well such as Rodarte, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein and more.

Anonymous said...

love love love Tao!

Anonymous said...

omg these set of girls are exactly my favorite Asians currently! good luck to them!

Anonymous said...

love that Vogue US is featuring Asian models but seriously, why always give them ugly hairdo's? Is it cuz they don't wanna showcase the full beauty potential of asian models. I don't know.