Tuesday, February 1, 2011

EDITORIAL: Du Juan & Jerry Fu in Numéro China #5, January/February 2011

Models: Du Juan (IMG) & Jerry Fu (Major)
Editorial: Follow Me
Magazine: Numéro China #5, January/February 2011
Photographer: Mei Yuan Gui
Stylist: Joseph Carle

Source: Scanned by sobigsobig @ tfs


Anonymous said...

Du looks beautiful here! The guy...not so much. It would have been much better if Daniel Liu or Daisuki Ueda took his place. He is not attractive...in anyway.

Anonymous said...

wow. She can pass as biracial diva! Work that afro, girl!

Anonymous said...

I think the guy is VERY attractive actually.

PS: you can see his balls in number 9 LOL

TKO said...

cheap looking editorial!! i feel bad for du juan!!!!
the whole thing looks like its done rookie photographer!

bad composition
bad lighting
bad art direction

FND++ said...

I like Jerry. He walked a few shows in Milan recently for FW11. I dont really like his constant pouting in most of his pictures though. But that's small stuff. Oh..and the moustache thing has to go..He looks best- fresh.

Like this.

Anonymous said...

yea I agree with Anon#4
the entire set is just sketchy, what a waste of the Du

Anonymous said...

wow she looks amazingggg

Anonymous said...

du juan is a classic beauty. very timeless.

Yoli said...

Both beautiful, I wish he did not have to look mad in all of the shots. Giving him a little vulnerability would have helped.

Eunice said...

What a strange editorial.