Monday, December 6, 2010

Lee Hye Jung in Editorial for Vogue Korea, August 2010

The first image is simply brilliant!

Model: Lee Hye Jung (MC2)
Editorial: Glamorous Greed
Magazine: Vogue Korea, August 2010
Photographer: Kim Tae Woo
Stylist: Unknown



Yoli said...

Oh wow! Fantastic! Love that snarl on the first picture!

Cher said...

Stunning images!

thwany said...

her hair looks great


That second pic is INCREDIBLE! What a total stunner and a great dress.

meh said...

Pretty model, but I have to say, this really isn't "art"; it's pretentious bullshit.

Anonymous said...

They completely copied this shoot from a vogue shoot with Carolin trentini... vogue korea fails again

j.j said...

the first picture reminds me of tao okamoto, because she did that same thing with the hand, except she smeared the lipstick :)
not a bad thing, cause they are both beautiies in their own way

EnVogue said...

love the hair
and lol @ source xD

Eunice said...

Eugh, the whole meat factory thing does not mesh well at all with the concept or clothes. I find it distasteful.