Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jing Ma in Editorial for Madame Figaro China, October 2010

Model: Jing Ma (Muse)
Editorial: Unknown
Magazine: Madame Figaro China, October 2010
Photographer: Unknown
Stylist: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Makeup: Unknown

Source: gilsa0870 @ tfs


agnes szucs said...

wow... stunning! so many beautiful details.

Anonymous said...

Heavenly,she is!

Anonymous said...

Loved the last jacket, but not her best look. She looked best in picture 1.

Anonymous said...

i think she looks beautiful in the first picture

princeska said...

she is amazing...so surreal

thwany said...

she has such beautiful eyes

Anonymous said...

she's beautiful! just wondering, how old is she? she looks like she could be in her teens in the first photo and her thirties in the last one.

Anonymous said...

hmm i liked her second pic the best. such nice skin!

Eunice said...

Whoa... such a different look than other Asian models. Interesting.