Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vintage: Devon Aoki in Editorial for Visionaire, 1997

This is actually a new image from Nick Knight's new coffee table book but the original photo was first published in Visionaire Magazine in 1997.

Model: Devon Aoki (One Model)
Editorial: Unknown
Magazine: Visionaire, 1997
Photographer: Nick Knight
Stylist: Alexander McQueen

Source: Zinio


Linh said...

very cool :D

Anonymous said...

the book has been out for a while


I LOVE her.

FND said...

I remember seeing this and Bjork's cover for Homogenic thinking that they're kinda a like..only know I know that the man behind it is Nick Knight.

thwany said...

i remember this.

wow, she really hasn't aged at all.

Lucy in the Sky said...

FREAKY! I see this image a lot!

Yoli said...

Love it!