Friday, November 12, 2010

Sun FeiFei & Du Juan in Ad Campaign for H&M, Holiday 2010

This is 2nd image from H&M for its Holiday 2010 ad campaign with Sun FeiFei & Du Juan.

Here is the first image.

Models: Sun Fei Fei (Women) & Du Juan (IMG)
Ad Campaign: H&M, Holiday 2010
Photographer: Unknown
Stylist: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Makeup: Unknown



EllaBella said...

I JUST bought Marie Clair's magazine and they are in the issue for it in the first few pages. My TWO FAVE asian models out there and one of my fave brands to shop!

They should model together yearly. They are so classy, stunning, and effortlessly gorgeous in their own way. Du Juan is classical and elegant while Sun Fei Fei is edgy and mysterious. What opposites yet they model so well together. Great chemistry! This is my first time posting on this blog by the way..I've been a creeper for the past year on here though haha!!

ella bella

Anonymous said...

both of them are gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

i love this. they are just burning it up looking so sweet, sexy and cool all at the same time!

FND said...

Congrats to the two lovely ladies!



FWV T&T said...

I am half Asian. Spent a few hours going through this wonderful site. Great to see there are at least a few Asian men too. Sun Fei Fei looks amazing why does she look very Tatjana Patitz in this shot?

@ AMB, I forget his name, but there was this male Mandarin pop singer from the Nineties who was half American / half Chinese. Allen Tsai who needs a haircut in most of his photos can't hold a candle to him.

This might be banging on the obvious, but why do I get the feeling that Sun Fei Fei and the handful of Western looking mixed-race models aside the spreads all tend to exaggerate the exoticism of the women here? Don't get me started on Hollywood...

paige said...

They're all lovely.

thwany said...


JUURI said...

Love what they're wearing, and love this photo. Thanks for this blog! I check it for inspiration daily.


Anonymous said...

YAY! love love love these two
hope fei fei will get a major campaign soon!
(actually i heard that she landed dsquared2?)

Anonymous said...

a few things. it's obv. it's not the dresses that are special here but the two beautiful models.

second, maybe i drank too much red bull but if you look at du juan a little more, it looks like her head is twisted all the way around so that her front looks like her back, because of her pose!! (no offense at her body intended!)

Jade said...

The photographer is Daniel Jackson. Both women look absolutely sultry. I have to buy that red dress!

Unknown said...

Beautiful as hell! Does anyone know what countries they are from? Sun (Fei Fei & Du Juan)

Asi Mod said...

Fei Fei and Du Juan are both from China.

Anonymous said...

I am an Asian male here,,,

They are absolutely stunning.
Having spent my childhood in multiple countries (both Eastern and Western), I find it truly exciting to see oriental beauties being featured by a Western (Swedish) fashion group.

They remind me of a beautiful girl I met while studying in China for a year. Like them, the girl possessed an elegant, yet, astonishingly sweet look. If I ever meet anyone as beautiful as they are in my life, I will chase them with all my heart.

Makes me want to go to Shanghai this upcoming summer.


Eunice said...

Oh my goodness, they're absolutely beautiful. Wow.