Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hyoni Kang, So Young Kang & Sylvia Kwon in Editorial for Cosmopolitan Korea, October 2010

Models: Hyoni Kang (Ford), So Young Kang (Marilyn) & Sylvia Kwon (Q Models)
Editorial: Let It Flow
Magazine: Cosmopolitan Korea, October 2010
Photographer: Hye Ryoung Min
Stylist: SooHee Kim Creative Director: Stephine Shin

Source: Facebook


thwany said...

wow, love these photos.

also so random but the other night 2 of my good friends flew into seoul from nyc to visit me. as i was waiting for them to walk out of customs around 4am, i saw hyoni kang walk out a little before them. she was wearing a yankees cap and looked cute and seemed super sweet.

i'm assuming she arrived for seoul fashion week which just started.

Linh said...

i love it, RED LIPS !

j.j. said...

it looks very good, pleeeeease post it!

its at the end of that page

Lucy in the Sky said...

that So Young Kang is gorgeous
and I think that was my ex-roomie's Korean name.

HumanAdult said...

Hyoni has an awesome body!

Anonymous said...

I am not feeling Sylvia Kwon. Hyoni definitely stands out the most in this editorial. So Young Kang has potential.