Tuesday, September 20, 2011

EDITORIAL: Tian Yi in Vestal Magazine #7, Fall 2011

The 2nd breakout model from last week's New York Fashion Week is fellow-Fusion girl, Tian Yi. She walked in 12 shows, most notably for big designers like 3.1 Philip Lim, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang and Helmut Lang (although Helmut Lang is no longer whelmed by the name-sake designer).

Model: Tian Yi (Fusion)
Editorial: Fur Ever Yours
Magazine: Vestal Magazine #7, Fall 2011
Photographer: Whalen Bryce
Stylist: Donald Hicks
Makeup & Hair: Lindsey Jameson

Source: Vestal Magazine


FND said...

Here, Tian Yi looks like the combination of Shu Pei's elegant softness and So Young's angular beauty.

Anonymous said...

can anyone say who makes the yellow
knit in photo #2?Xiexie ni!

Anonymous said...

wow i have a feeling she is going to be major beautiful

Yoli said...

She is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

i would like to see more pictures of this beauty

S H E N G S A W said...

Tian Yi is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

couldn't find any more images of her. anyone got a link?

Mike said...

wow. simply gorgeous.