Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vintage: Yasmeen Ghauri Magazine Cover for Vogue Australia, December 1994

Yasmeen Ghauri has appeared in dozens of magazine covers over the years and I was tempted to post most of them on here today.

But then I thought one FANTASTIC MIND BLOWING image should tell the story of how beautiful she is. And I chose this one.

Model: Yasmeen Ghauri
Magazine Cover: Vogue Australia, December 1994
Photographer: Unknown

Source: mojopin @ tfs via


Dusk said...


The models of today are nothing in comparison to the Supermodels.

Anonymous said...

Can you please post the rest of the pictures you have of her? She's incredible. Her Hermes ads were incredible!!

thwany said...

love the 90's.

and this seems more like a conde nast traveller cover.

rsp2538 said...

she's amazing!

Anonymous said...

my fave supamod of all the rest of the pic, pls.

Anonymous said...

she reminds me a little of christy turlington x)

Qing said...

OMG...I remember her back in 90s!! She's amazingly beautiful!! You have definitely chosen the best one out of all the best!