Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vintage: Nora Ariffin in Ad Campaign for CoverGirl, 1993 & 1995

Models (left to right): Luciana Curtis, Lana Ogilvie, Niki Taylor, Rachel Hunter & Nora Ariffin
Ad Campaign: CoverGirl, 1993
Photographer: Sante D'Orazio


Models (left to right): Luciana Curtis, Tyra Banks, Rachel Hunter, Niki Taylor & Nora Ariffin
Ad Campaign: CoverGirl, 1995
Photographer: Sante D'Orazio



Anonymous said...

man, what happened? models used to be healthy, fit looking...

Anonymous said...

she's gorgeous
but why does tyra look SO different?
and a quick thank you for keeping such a helpful informative, but rare blog!

galatea. said...

nikki taylor forever <3


thwany said...

it's interesting how she has the same placement for both photos

Warrenista said...

I agree with thwany. Both Nora Ariffin and Luciana Curtis remained in the same spot, even though the two ads were shot at two different times (and maybe at two different locations). Mmm... interesting.

Has anyone ever seen a Lacoste ad with Nora, shot by Gilles Bensimon?

Anonymous said...

love her, she has very strong features, and is she mix with something.? she kind of reminds me of Veronica Webb

Warrenista said...

Nora is Singaporean, 100% Asian of Indonesian descent.

Incidentally, both Veronica Webb and Nora are represented by Elite Model Management (NY).