Monday, July 5, 2010

Gwen Lu Editorial

Model: Gwen Lu (Major)
Editorial: Unknown
Magazine: Unknown
Photographer: William Lords
Stylist: Beagy Zielinski
Manicure: Amber Store

Source: Facebook


Anonymous said...

Not a lot of Asian Model can do this androgyny, hard edge look other than Gwen and Jenny Shimizu. Thanks for posting them right next to each other.. Gwen's new blonde do and Jenny's frosty short hair look interestingly similar. I guess Gwen doesn't like to blend in, just like how Jenny was rockin' it in the 90's.
but when is Gwen gonna get her big break ? or is she ever gonna get it?

Shunichiro said...

I always dislike this kind of extensive photoshopping (unnecessary skin smoothing and such) but luckily Gwen has such a strong features they shine through image processing, so she ends up looking like herself anyway. Edgy look, interesting styling, sort of cyberpunk-nomad-Jeanne D'Arc! I'd really would like to know from which magazine this editorial is from. Good stuff. Inspiring to the extreme!

thwany said...

she looks good

Anonymous said...

wow futuristic tribal. muy interesante. and, i agree with the above commenter, excessive photoshopping so that her skin looks too smooth, but it ends up looking like her flawless skin anyways!

bibi said...

I think most of the asians who have blonde hair look weird,but that haircolour really looks good on that cool=D

Anonymous said...

her look so nice :)
also hyoni's new dkny campaign is just out!!

Anonymous said...

also shu pei's gap campaign is out

not really digging gwen lu but it might just be the makeup

fashfix said...

love it! go girl!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Totally agree tat Gwen looks
good in this sort of style cuz she
has the facial structure for it.
Super cool stuff.
But it's a no-no for the NUMERO !
she doesn't have the body & curve
for nude shot. It's too blunt & direct approach for her, downgrades
her too. Don't do that for Fame but
for artistic value with class.

Eunice said...

WOW. Work it, girl!

Eden said...

These are BRILLIANT shots! I am loving this. Very strong, bold and androgynous. Few asians can rock peroxide like this.

A true win. Excellent model, style and photography (but I agree with the others - not too fond of the excess photoshopping!)