Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Allen Tsai in Editorial for H&M Magazine, May 2010

Models: Allen Tsai (Next) & Others
Editorial: Street Life
Magazine: H&M Magazine, May 2010
Photographer: Dan Martensen
Stylist: Robert Rydberg
Hair: Maranda
Makeup: Osvaldo Salvatierra

Source: models.com


Linh said...

ahh I know them from the H&M Magazine. Very cool pictures

Anonymous said...

in acse anyone was wondering the girl is Bruna Tenorio and she is Latina not asian.

Anonymous said...

i wondered if that was her. but the focus here is allen, who is getting cuter!

Robert said...

Being an expert in the Asian market, she doesn't really have a Asian look, but definitely takes alluring photos

Joy Rabelo Management said...

Yes, it seems very Bruna Tenorio, but no doubt this model is great.
She has worked in Europe and NY?