Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Si Tanwiboon Editorial for Elle Paris, April 2010

Models: Si Tanwiboon (Elite Paris) & Others
Editorial: Style Party
Magazine: Elle Paris, April 2010
Photographer: Viki Forshee
Stylist: Jeanne Le Bault

Source: mirik @ tfs via Fashion Copious


Lucy in the Sky said...

strange...who are these models? Nice to see different faces, though. I guess mainstream magazines that don't have VOGUE in their names don't often feature high profile models.

thwany said...

love this, it's so much fun.

Rupinder said...

I feel as I’ve grown up more it feels a little fake to do this sort of youth culture, and when you say “older” models, it’s basically women around 30, which is my age, so I guess it makes sense.

Elite Models

galatea. said...

she can pass as a filipina x gorgeous.


LinhNOTSKINNY said...

no name Models are better (;

Anonymous said...

have you check out Vena Cava resort 2011?..

Andylicious said...

Si Tanwiboon won thailand supermodel n signed with Elite Paris....she ain't no name n i am sure the other too
link of her jobs
Jean Paul fall 2010 paris

Jean paul fall 2010 Paris

click follow the link very few top asian models in this show

Eunice said...

What a pretty editorial!