Thursday, June 3, 2010

Du Juan Editorial for Vogue China, June 2010

Model: Du Juan (IMG)
Editorial: U-Style Summer Love
Magazine: Vogue China, June 2010
Photographer: Li Buxiu
Stylist: Sera
Wang Qian

Source: Scanned by ammon


Citrine said...

Straight from the first page

Visual Executive: Fullmarkad
Photographer: Li(family name) Buxiu
Model: Du Juan (duh...)
Makeup: Wang Qian for Dong Tian (East Field?) Style
Stylist: Sera
Shooting Studio: Studio 6

AMB said...

Thanks for the translation, Citrine.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

she is so pretty
wasn't she like miss china or something?

Anonymous said...

No she was never Miss China lol, she won Ford supermodel search China AND something called the New silk road competition <3

Anonymous said...

she looks so down to earth here
love her

Anonymous said...

her head's huge but she's pretty in a very classic way..i prefer models like emma pei, sun fei fei and liu wen who have a more modern/exciting look.

Anonymous said...

I dont. There are not enough asian Classic Beauties.

troptroptropcher said...

oooh i love that hairstyle on her
& lovely. as usual