Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Laksmi Menon Magazine Cover for Elle India, April 2010

After the highly publicized swap in upper management between Ford and Supreme, loyal models followed their bookers to the new agencies.

Tao Okamoto moved from Supreme to Ford and Lakshmi moved from Ford to Supreme.

Model: Lakshmi Menon (Supreme)
Magazine Cover: Elle India, April 2010
Photographer: Unknown

Source: Awake Smile


b for bhisan said...

how ironic the cover name is THE ROMANTIC MOVEMENT... :D

bibi said...

i would read this magazine:D

Anonymous said...

The cover is pretty. But I'm liking one of the cover titles. I'm glad that no color is the "it" color for nails. I'm getting sick of all the colorful polishes and nail salons out there. Wouldn't want to put anyone out of business, but I really like natural. Nail polish is becoming an accessory, but I can't stand looking at the same colorful nail color for more than 2 days, and I really hate sheer, milky white colors.

OooKellyNicky said...

Wow, gorgeous... you can tell she has such a natural glow of beauty!!

La Stylin Girraffe!

thwany said...

she's beautiful

Anonymous said...

Love Lakshmi. She always looks great by the beach.