Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lakshmi Menon Editorial for V Magazine #64, Spring 2010

Model: Lakshmi Menon (Ford)
Editorial: Come On, Feel The Noise
Magazine: V Magazine #64, Spring 2010
Photographer: Christian Brylie
Stylist: Yuki James

Source: BeautyisDiverse @ tfs


thwany said...

love the styling for this

Robbin said...

she is so beautiful!

- Robbin

Anonymous said...

Paolo Rolden should be added. He's Filipino and closed Givenchy and was in the line up for the Womens like a few days ago.

And he's incredibly sexy. =]

Anonymous said...

Lakshmi is gorgeous in this ed, she rocks the punk look

Viviana said...

I like her, I remember when I was still a model in a Wholesale fashion company, it's fun because I used to wear a lot of fashionable clothes.

Anonymous said...

compared to the other models, even in the grungy hardcore what i like to call "poser" attire, lakshmi looks so regal and beautiful. her jawline is amazing!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

She is with Supreme now, not Ford anymore.

Wholesale Clothing said...

I really love the skirt, i want to buy that soon.. nice to know you post this kind of fashion..