Monday, February 15, 2010

New York Fashion Week, Fall 2010/Winter 2011: Sunday, February 14

This is NOT a complete list of models and shows. It is being continuously updated every day. All information are gathered from,,,,, and tFs.

Number of Shows this Season:
Bonnie Chen: 1
Carolyn Gao: 2
Charlene Almarvez: 5
Danni Li: 5
Daniel Liu: 1
Dinara Chetyrova: 3
Emma Pei: 3
Eugenia Mandzhieva: 4 [open: 1, close: 1]
Hyoni Kang: 5 [close: 1]
Irene Kim: 1
Jasmine Yan: 3
Jenny Shimizu: 1 [close: 1]
Kiki Kang: 2
Lakshmi Menon: 4
Lela: 3 (who is she? which agency is she with?)
Liu Wen: 10
Liu Dan: 1
Philip Huang: 4
Ping Hue Cheung: 3
Selina Khan: 3
Shi-han Hsiao: 1
Shu Pei: 12
Tao Okamoto: 9 [close: 1]
Wang Xiao: 1
Unknown (Castello Tagliapietra): 1
Unknown (Gary Graham): 1 [close: 1]
Unknown (Vivenne Tam): 1

Model: Philip Huang
Designer: Boy by Band of Outsiders

Models: Tao Okamoto, Lakshmi Menon & Charlene Almarvez
Designer: Diane von Furstenburg

Model: Hyoni Kang
Designer: DKNY

Model: Philip Huang
Designer: Gant by Michael Bastian

Model: Daniel Liu, Kiki Kang & Jenny Shimizu (close)
Designer: John Bartlett

Models: Kiki Kang & Bonnie Chen
Designer: Juan Carlos Obando

Model: Hyoni Kang
Designer: Lela Rose

Model: Ping Hue Cheung
Designer: Luca Luca

Models: Danni Li, Lela, Dinara Chetyrova & Jasmine Yan
Designer: Malandrino

Model: Shu Pei
Designer: Hervé Léger

Model: Shu Pei
Designer: Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti

Model: Danni Li
Designer: Rebecca Taylor

Model: Eugenia Mandzhieva (open)
Designer: Victoria Beckham

Model: Lakshmi Menon
Designer: VPL

Models: Eugenia Mandzhieva & Liu Wen
Designer: Y-3


timmy said...

hyoni: lela rose

ping: luca luca

Anonymous said...

Hyoni was doing 'Hexa by Kuho'

ASYRAF said...

Daniel Vosovic showed his entire collection using only asian models. There were 15 of them...can't really pinpoint who's who.

Asi Mod said...

Thanks Asyraf. I can't ID any of the models at Daniel Vosovic's show either and I hate the non-runway photos.

Anonymous said...

Hyoni did Twinkle by Wenlan

thwany said...

thank you for the great coverage!

Anonymous said...

Charlene did Peter Som, Academy of Art University, and Suno.

Michael Cheung said...

the unknown model for Juan Carolos, her name is BONNIE CHAN (Hong Kong).

Anonymous said...

First model at Malandrino - Dinara Chetyrova.
She also was at Daniel Vosovic as well as Xiao from Wilhelmina

Anonymous said...

last unknown @ malandrino - Dani Li

SK said...

I love Liu Wen and Shu Pei! Such pretty girls...

Did Hye Park retire after getting married?? She's nowhere to be found nowadays!

Anonymous said...

SK- i think Hye has quit modelling mostly- she has done nothing apart from an occasional ed

Du is also out of the runway game :(

Anonymous said...

Victoria Beckham must be delusional if she thinks ordinary people will wear her tiny clothes, they looks like clothes for skinny 12 year olds.