Thursday, March 4, 2010

Han Jin Editorial for US Marie Claire, March 2010

It's good to see Han Jin back again. She must have shot this editorial when she was in NYC to shoot the Spring/Summer 2010 DKNY ad and the February 2010 Nordstrom catalog last winter.

The rest of the time, she's in school back in South Korea. Can someone confirm that?

FYI: there is a little bio on Han Jin in image #5

Model: Han Jin (Marilyn)
Editorial: Frill Of It all
Magazine: US Marie Claire, March 2010
Photographer: David Roemer
Stylist: Susan Joy
Hair: Keith Carpenter
Makeup: Paco Blancas



TMFA said...

Great editorial. And this is a great blog on Asian models.

Julian said...

The styling in this spread is amazing! Keith Carpenter did a wicked job on the hair... love this!

Cindy Van Dyck said...

What a great look! I'm a model too :D

Anonymous said...

i hate to be mean but i never really liked han jin. i guess i don't see anything special in her face. she still looks pretty good though here, however.

Anonymous said...

^Anon: You dont see anything special in her face?? IMO her face has the most extreme features of any other asian model.. some people think she looks scary

Trina said...

She looks really great. ;]

Anonymous said...

she's told she's one of the best body in the industry and definitely a catwalk master. maybe not much of editorial darling though...

Anonymous said...

i could definitely see a good body. what i meant by special i guess i was gearing more towards gorgeous/pretty not special like as you said scary, which i could see her face as scary. i could have written that but i wanted to be a little nicer..