Friday, February 5, 2010

Anna Wang Ad Campaign for Maybelline, Spring/Summer 2010

Model: Anna Wang (MC2)
Ad Campaign: Maybelline, Spring/Summer 2010
Photographer: Unknown

Source: from Elle, February 2010


Skinnyintern said...


Anonymous said...

anna is gorgeous but that eyeshadow is hideous. c'mon're competing against MAC, all of serphora and this is what you come up with. have you ever seen anyone wear eyeshadow like this ( in the 00's)??

Anonymous said...

i wish they would give Du Juan a cosmetics campaign.. her face holds makeup better than any other asian model.. and she dosnt look like a caucasian like this model

Unknown said...

@ Anonymous:

I think the reason why Maybelline chose Anna Wang is BECAUSE she looks caucasian. If you haven't noticed by now, Maybelline uses only caucasian models for the west. also all of anna's ads for maybelline in the west has her looking down, not showing her eyes. ehhh, really annoying, but oh well, at least they are using an asian model in the west??