Friday, December 18, 2009

Selina Khan Ad Campaign for Rugby, Holiday 2009

I believe this is Selina Khan's second appearance as one of the faces of Rugby, a subsidiary brand of Ralph Lauren. This has been a good season for Selina because she been plastered everywhere for GAP Holiday 2009 as well.

Selina appeared on the runway scene three seasons ago and has been steadily building an impressive portfolio with numerous appearances on Teen Vogue and in ad campaigns for Lacoste, GAP and Ruby. I hope her career shine further with bigger and better work in the future.

Model: Selina Khan (One Model)
Ad Campaign: Rugby, Holiday 2009
Photographer: Unknown



TZ said...

I've been following your site in stealth mode for some time, but now I definitely want you to know how important it is that a site like this one exists, and you're doing a phenomenal job at it. All the best. Warm wishes this holiday.

Anonymous said...

does ANYONE dress like this? anyone?

Anonymous said...

I like Selina in this picture, even though the clothes are hideous.

prashant said...

you're doing a phenomenal job at it

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