Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Selina Khan & Mary Lee Komphavong Ad Campaign for GAP, Holiday 2009

Selina Khan is the girl on the far left in ad #1. Mary Lee Komphavong is the girl on the far right in ad #2.

Both Selina and Mary Lee are somewhere in ad #3. Can you spot them?

Models: Selina Khan (One Model) & Mary Lee Komphavong (Q Models)
Ad Campaign: GAP, Holiday 2009
Photographer: Peggy Sirota

Source: Harper's Bazaar December 2009 via Zinio


Anonymous said...

Hey... can u do a write-up on Liu Wen being the first asian model to appear on victoria secret 2009 show?! Huge news!

thwany said...

i love gap ads

Anonymous said...

i love gap ads but these are shit.