Saturday, December 5, 2009

Liu Wen Editorial for (UK) i-D Magazine, December 2009

Model: Liu Wen (Marilyn)
Editorial: Beauty Beyond Belief
Magazine: (UK) i-D Magazine, December 2009
Photographer: Sebastian Kim
Stylist: Havana Laffitte
Hair: Esther Langham @ Art & Commerce
Makeup: Pep Gay @ Streeters

Source: Scanned by Northern Star


Ai-Lin said...

I love Liu.... but.... I really hate this ed. not that she doesnt look bad, but the whole styling and concept of this ed, it makes her look a bit like a mexican tranny.

Chris said...

I disagree... I think this is a great one to add on to her book... it's the ID-way of presenting the girls... it's raw and rugged... I've never seen her dolled-up in such a way before... so great job! way to go LIU ... she's truly a POWER GIRL!!! she's a girl who doesn't only rely on her beauty.. her body language is amazing!

S H E N G S A W said...

liu wen is such a amazing models, great bone structure and i'd love her lip. hope more of liu wen here.


Anonymous said...

i agree with both of the first two. the styling is SO BAD kinda like 1980's street. But liu's face and actual MODELING is what saves it at all. the second to last pic is a great stance.

it's just fashion la ! said...

i dont knwo what is there to dislike about this ed.

Tluangi said...

I so love this.. :)

Anonymous said...

Ummmm obviously the styling is SUPPOSED to be tacky and dated...early 90s. Its genius really....very C+C music factory meets LA chola....AMAZING!!!

Ashburn Eng said...

the styling is amazing!!