Friday, October 9, 2009

Tao Okamoto Editorial for Vogue Nippon, September 2009

The editorial is so-so, in my opinion. I like that they used different photography, lighting and styling approaches here but most of the photos are pretty bland.

But photo #5 (Francesco Scognamiglio's ruffled sleeved blouse with alien gladiator leather skirt) is mind blowing! The hair, the make-up and the styling are spot on there.

Compare photo #1 to photo #5, photo #1 -- spike collar with boring leather skirt -- looks like a freshman class homework assignment for "tough biker chick"; boring and predictable.

Model: Tao Okamoto (Supreme)
Editorial: Hard To Impress
Magazine: Vogue Nippon, September 2009
Photographer: Daniel Jackson
Stylist: Sissy Vian

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue


Anonymous said...

yea i agree with you
it's such a boring issue

Anonymous said...

Rila Fukushima is in the Gap Holiday '09 campaign

Anonymous said...

i didnt think it was that boring. i liked photo 6 too , kate moss-ish

Anonymous said...

lol that is totally not kate moss-ish
that is a bad photo, the reason why Kate Moss rocked becoz she has the look, but Tao can't be Kate Moss-ish

Anonymous said...

Also, in terms of photography
the pics here are pretty bad
like a photo newbie can take these kind of photos

Laila said...

the eds in this issue are pretty ok but the cover is really bad, the shades... sigh.

but somehow i expected this to boost her spring 2010 showlist but she didn't do really well in Milan/Paris as compared to Liu Wen and even Shu Pei... right?

thwany said...

vogue nippon usually sucks, but this spread with tao is amazing.

FND said...

Tao did ok in Europe but of course Shu Pei is the break out star this season, as Tao was last season. The love affair with her haircut has thinned a bit I guess. Its expected. But I see Tao as not a flash in the pan so she wont just disappear tomorrow.

I predict more short haired asian girls in Tokyo for sure thanks to Tao!

Ashburn Eng said...

I'm digging this

Phuong Rouzaire said...

she has the Vic - look here but of course Mrs. Beck is way much much sexier. The #2 looks like she's sleepy... Can anyone there cheer her up??!!! LOl

However, proud of these Asian models, they rock!!!