Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tao Okamoto Ad Campaign for Uniqlo Heattech, Fall 2009/Winter 2010

Model: Tao Okamoto (Supreme)
Ad Campaign: Uniqlo Heattech, Fall 2009/Winter 2010
Photographer: Mario Testino

Source: Uniqlo


Anonymous said...

i like tao's shot more than daniel's (i cant believe i just said that!)

Jojo said...

WHY is Tao EVERYWHERE? is it because of he bowl cut? is there a campaign these days with a female asian model that is not tao these days? just sayin'.

Jojo said...

*her - sorry for the typo!

and of course, i think Tao is beautiful.. i'm just wondering why other great models like Emma Pei and Du Juan haven't reached Tao's caliber in terms of the amount of fashion shoots/runway shows.

Anonymous said...

I love you, Tao! Go ride for the wave this right second in harsh fashion industry.

Speak of great models, remember that most models always come and go in this fickle fashion industry.

Depend on what the season will be and also, looks will "hot" or not. Same thing with trend thing.

Oh well, Du Juan already had reached her legendary status right now.

Ditto about Emma Pei.

nowohucianka said...

Oh, love her. Especially her fringe:)

Tao - new Du Juan

Anonymous said...

Is it just me OR did they (botched up) the Photoshopped right breast?