Saturday, October 31, 2009

Selina Khan Test Shots

Glad to see Selina Khan getting out of those pre-pubescent Teen Vogue images. These pictures are sexy and worthy of Elle or Vogue. Vogue China, the most multi-racially inclusive titles among the lots, should book her for an editorial, as long as they don't put her in an Indian theme story.

Model: Selina Khan (One Model)
Photographer: James Mahon
Makeup: Kim White
Hair: Josh B

Source: James Mahon


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jnguyễn said...

These photos are fantastic. It's sad to say this but how refreshing.

Lucy in the Sky said...

She looks great, but it's always strange to see a model grow up from innocent-looking to sexy. If she does nude photos someday...oh my, will that be a weird sight.

Anonymous said...

i feel like she is actually not quite ready to be this sexy/sophisticated yet. her face and her attitude havent matured enought to exude this aura

Anonymous said...

apart from her race i dont think shes every special

Anonymous said...

i agree with the above comment in a way, she's nothing overly special, pretty, cute, perfect physique, what's new?
but i do see some charm in her. love this shoot, espesh first picture.

Laila said...

love the pictures, like u said, it's good to see her getting more matured work, one can't be cute for too long.

Kent Johnson said...

These are great shots. I keep coming back to them. Great work.